Why Your Business Should Use Social Media Listening Tool

Social media is a crucial marketing platform that allows today’s business and consumers to engage directly. For small and medium enterprises, social media ensures a level playing field. With millions of daily new posts and comments on social media, marketers need a listening tool that can gather and analyse data. Based on relevant keywords and key phrases, social media listening tools are very versatile and powerful for business owners. Many listening tools can also get data from regular websites, blogs, and news.


Some popular social listening tools include Awario, Sprinklr, Brandwatch, Meltwater, Mention, Talkwalker, and Synthesio. A social media agency Chester can use these tools for target audience analysis, reputation management, competitor monitoring, reputation management, content marketing and PR.


With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some reasons why your business should use a social media listening tool:


Social Selling- a listening tool can directly boost sales by finding potential clients and customers on social media. It looks for the most relevant conversation and identifies buying intent. These tools are completely automated, and business owners will only need to add relevant keywords based on their products, services, and geographical area.


AI-Based Analysis- marketers may choose listening tools with machine learning and AI technology for improved analytical capabilities. Within the social listening data, the tool should be able to identify and highlight trends that are relevant to your marketing goals. The tool performs real-time monitoring and analyses historical data. The AI is also capable of recognising logo and images on social media to gather more comprehensive information. The AI can also send notifications to marketers if there are actionable developments in the market. If AI finds something wrong with consumer responses, marketers can make necessary adjustments.


Comprehensive Reports- often, marketers and business owners want to examine data directly to further fine tune their decision-making process. Reports should be clickable, so it’s easy for them to check the associated raw data. A strong database structure allows marketers to get better insights about the current market dynamics.


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