Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

If you want to become more successful this year and grow your business, you need to know about the biggest digital marketing trends in 2018. By understanding these trends, you can create appropriate marketing strategies and get better results. Things are becoming more challenging for marketers and they need to use new tools to ensure their campaigns reach the target audience and increase the business’ sales as a result. They also need to experiment and bend common marketing rules, based on real life situations including placing strategic marketing messages anywhere they can as long as the message reaches potential customers.


Trends change the way we reach customers and here are things that you will encounter in 2018:


More personalised content: Consumer-focused content is obviously not new, but it will get more personal. Studies have shown that customers will place more trust in highly personalized content. Some marketers are taking this one step further by placing marketing messages in the reviews portion of their clients’ websites and Google platform. For example, if you were looking for a “digital marketing agency Chester”, you would type that in your search engine and when the results came up, you would first look at the reviews of digital marketing agencies in your area. When looking at Social Buzzing reviews, you might see that our team answers all reviews and invites them to try other services that are offered. This is a growing trend among successful UK businesses as they can easily turn customers into repeat buyers using personalised replies to their comments online.


AI-powered chatbots: Artificial intelligence has finally reached a stage to allow for natural conversations between chatbots and customers. At the moment, millions of users are connected with the Internet, but relatively few of them interact with customer service staff. Artificial intelligence allows companies to simultaneously interact with millions of customers with a minimum amount of resources. Conversations are initiated by computer servers, using sophisticated AI algorithm and huge database of information.


Captures of micro-moments: It’s common for an individual to use more than one digital devices, at least a smartphone and a laptop. They interact with so much online content each day by checking social media feeds, shopping online and reading latest emails. Marketers need to know how to sneak in and steal “micro-moments” to gain the attention of customers. With the small windows of opportunities, marketers can tell customers what to buy, what to do or where to go. It is possible to trigger buying impulses using these micro moments. Armed with the right data, marketers could deliver a huge impact in the shortest time period.


More implementation of GPS: GPS has a strong significance in the marketing world. It allows customers to easily locate stores, restaurants and offices. With mapping and street view services, customers can immediately see what’s out there. With GPS tracking, it is possible for marketers to collect information according to permissions and geofencing informs marketers when customers are present and active in an area, so they can be engaged using relevant information.


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