Facebook Removing ‘Company Overview’ And ‘Biography’ Fields From Business Pages

Facebook has been busy making a lot of new changes to the popular social media platform. While some might not be as noticeable as others, certain changes are standing out and they have many business users concerned. From Removing ‘Company Overview’ And ‘Biography’ Fields From Business Pages, to enabling users to see the specific interests and categories Facebook’s marketing algorithm uses to target them, it’s these big changes that people want to understand.


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Where Did My ‘Company Overview’ And ‘Biography’ Fields Go?


From August 1, 2019, Facebook will be removing the ‘Company Overview’ and ‘Biography’ fields from the platform’s company pages. Before you ask why, know that Facebook is suggesting that their business users simply include that information within the page descriptions of their company pages.


Not only is Facebook removing the Company Overview and Biography fields, but they are also doing away with the Affiliation and Personal Interests pages as well. If you are a business Facebook user, you should have already received an alert from Facebook about the changes.


Why Does This Matter?


If you manage your company’s Facebook page, you will need to revisit the information to be removed and decide whether or not it is necessary to your company page. If not, delete it. But if it is relevant to your marketing and branding needs, you might want to add it somewhere else. Anyone managing a Facebook Page will need to revisit information listed in the fields scheduled to be removed, and add the information to pages where it will receive the most visibility.


     But what about page performance? Many business Facebook users are asking just how these changes will affect page performance and Facebook’s reply is that they will not. Since the fields being removed are listed under a Page’s “About” section, Page performance will remain intact.


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