Facebook Users Now Able To See Data Used To Target Ads

Facebook recently made a change to their Ad Preferences feature that has users excited and business owners confused. Let’s take a look at the reasoning behind the changes to the “Why I’m seeing this ad” feature. These changes not only let users see the data that was used to target them, but where it came from as well. By showing users the interests and categories used to target the ad and how the ad targeting information was collected, Facebook is adding some much needed clarity to their platform.


Ever wonder why you keep seeing ads for garden furniture on your Facebook feed? Click on the “Why I’m seeing this ad” and see the exact website or Facebook Page you may have visited. Then, you can use the tool to link to the option to hide ads from an advertiser or completely remove ad targeting data from your Facebook user profile.


Facebook Ad Preferences Changes


Keeping that in mind, the Facebook Ad Preferences (which you can find in User Settings) has been updated as well. The change adds two new sections. The first displays any advertisers who might have uploaded a list with a specific user’s information, and the second section displays any  businesses that have uploaded and shared lists with that user’s information. Additionally, within the Ad Preference page, you will find advertiser’s phone number or email address as well.


What Does This Mean For Facebook Users?


If you have ever been concerned about ad targeting or privacy issues on Facebook, this is their attempt to clear any of it up and relieve your concerns by being more transparent, especially in regards to the platform’s advertising practices.


What Does It Means For Businesses?


Many small to medium and enterprise level businesses use Facebook to market their products and they rely on the success of those ad campaigns. If you are using legitimate resources to collect data and create targeted lists, these changes won’t affect you. Facebook has stated that they are using these changes to expose advertisers’ unfair ad targeting strategies.


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