Facebook’s New Font Style Options For News Feed Posts

Recently, Facebook announced a change to their News Feed posts which has many users either confused or excited. The change, a new ‘text effects’ option, enables users to apply a range of stylized text types within their Facebook updates. This basically means that you can change the text of your news feed making it as casual or serious as you like. So, why the change and why is this affecting only Facebook’s New Feed posts? Let’s take a closer look:


5 Text Options To Choose From


With five text options to choose from including Fancy, Simple, Clean, Headline and Casual, many users are noticing that these are the same font styles used in Facebook’s Stories feature, why they are being utilised in News Feed is still unclear.


At least in Stories, the font styles make more sense. This is partially due to the fact that the tool is highly visual and relates to the content. Whereas in New Feed, there really is no relation between the new font styles and your news updates. Does Facebook have something else in mind?


Business Users


If you already use Facebook News Feed to post content for your small business, you know that you can add a colourful background to make your posts stand out. Perhaps Facebook is taking that idea to the next level and giving its users more options for getting their posts noticed. While useful, some business Facebook users do tend to take it a bit far when adding some ‘flair’ to their posts. Remember, customers want to be guided to your product, they don’t want it shoved in their face and a brightly coloured post complete with a swirly font style could provide the opposite effect.


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Facebook hasn’t offered many details about why they have added the new font style feature, but industry experts have their own ideas. By offering both background and text options within Facebook’s update creation window, this could prompt users to share more content into Facebook Stories.


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