How To Get More Likes On Your Business’ Facebook Page

For many small to medium business owners in the UK, social media is their best, and least expensive, method of successfully marketing their business and growing their brand. While every social media platform is different and offers different benefits that your business may, or may not, need, Facebook has something for everyone. Whether you are trying to grow your brand, engage with your customers or create an online marketing strategy to increase sales, Facebook can make achieving your goals easy.


When using Facebook for small business marketing, there are some important factors to consider if you want your marketing campaign to be successful. With the Facebook social media platform, timing is everything. When you post, how often you post and what you post can mean a lot to your customers and your results. Another key factor to consider is ‘Likes’. Facebook Likes are important as it can make your content go farther and reach more people. The more likes you have on Facebook, the more people will see your post and that can lead to more sales for your business. How can you get more likes? Let’s take a look:


Ways To Increase Your Likes On Facebook


Advertise On Facebook- the Facebook advertising platform makes it easy for small businesses to market their products or services. This is also a very good way to increase your likes as people will often save your page for later by clicking the Like button.


Add The Tag Line “Like Us On Facebook”- by adding “Like us on Facebook” to all of your blog articles, advertisements and any other marketing material, your chances of having a customer like your page increase. More likes can lead to increased customer engagement and a more effective digital marketing campaign.


Regularly Update Your Facebook Page- by updating your Facebook page regularly, not only do potential customers see your content, but current customers who have already seen your posts, will find new content in their updated feed.


Run contests- another way that you can increase your Facebook likes is to offer your customers incentives for liking your business page. This can be in the form of  contests, discounts or coupons. You will find that users that wouldn’t normally visit your Facebook page, will do so and click the Like button.


Share Your Facebook Business Page- as you can see at the end of  this article, a simple, yet effective, message inviting people to share your Facebook page with their friends can help increase awareness of your business and increase your Facebook likes at the same time.

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