Holiday Shopping Season Trends 2019

The holiday shopping season has already begun and industry insiders say that this year we will see some new trends which could affect sales and your bottom line.


It seems that every year, the holiday shopping begins earlier and earlier and, in recent years, it has also begun to peak earlier as well. This season is no different, but there will be some changes that many online retailers will notice according to experts. This year, holiday shopping will become more mobile and less social, meaning that more shoppers will be using their mobile devices to make online purchases and relying less on social media and print to find their perfect holiday gifts.




Research also shows that consumers will also be spending slightly more on experiences than they have in the past: entertaining at home, traveling and eating at restaurants. And while there will be more online spending this year than in previous years, offline shopping still dominates.


Black Friday-Cyber Monday Shopping Week


With the shopping season beginning earlier this year, experts say that holiday shopping should peak in early to mid-December. This is due, in part, to the Black Friday-Cyber Monday shopping week. We are also seeing a trend where Cyber Monday is besting Black Friday in terms of importance across all generational groups.




Shipping is another hot button for online shoppers with many stating that they prefer free shipping to fast shipping. Free and fast shipping is always better and Amazon has trained consumers to expect this. In some areas, we are seeing free one day shipping which is very hard to compete with for the small business owner.


Mobile Retail Traffic


Almost 70% of holiday shoppers will shop on their phones. Mobile retail traffic has surpassed desktop retail traffic for the past couple of years and mobile commerce sales are growing significantly. This is where the small business owner can benefit and remain competitive.


Social Media


Research shows that, although social media is still one of the best marketing tools small businesses have, it is not a major driver of product research. Holiday shoppers want the in-store experience and they still want to see and touch a product before making a purchase.


What do we recommend? As with any trend, it is always best to seek the advice of an expert before making any changes to your marketing campaign. What works for one business, won’t always work for another.


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