How to Boost Engagement With LinkedIn Carousel Posts

LinkedIn, the professional networking platform, has always been a hub for meaningful connections and business-related content. One of the exciting features it introduced was the LinkedIn carousel post format in July 2022. However, in a surprising turn of events, LinkedIn decided to remove this feature less than a year later due to user feedback. Fortunately, there’s still a way to create carousel-like posts known as “LinkedIn document posts” or “PDF post hacks.” In this guide, we’ll explore how to maximise engagement with LinkedIn carousel posts and ads, even after the removal of the native format.

What’s a LinkedIn Carousel?

A LinkedIn carousel is a content format that allows users to swipe through multiple images or videos within a single post, resembling a flipbook. Similar carousel formats are popular on other social platforms like Instagram and Facebook. While the original LinkedIn carousel post format is no longer available, you can create document-based carousel posts.

LinkedIn document posts are essentially document-based carousels that retain the essence of traditional carousel posts. The key difference is that they don’t support video files.

LinkedIn Carousel Specifications

To create document-based carousel posts on LinkedIn, you need to adhere to certain specifications:

  • Document File: Your post should include a document file, which can be in PDF, PowerPoint, or DOC/DOCX format.
  • Page Limit: The document can have a maximum of 300 pages.
  • File Size: The file size should be less than 100MB.
  • Page Orientation: While either page orientation is acceptable, A4 or US letter size landscape orientation is recommended for better visibility.

Do Carousel Posts Perform Better on LinkedIn?

Carousel posts have been known to perform exceptionally well on various social media platforms, often outperforming other post types. To determine whether this trend holds true for LinkedIn, an experiment was conducted. The experiment involved creating three types of posts: a PDF document post, an image post, and a text-only post, all with the same content. The results showed that document carousel posts received the highest engagement.

LinkedIn users seem to be more attracted to visual content, which makes document carousel posts eye-catching on users’ feeds. Additionally, LinkedIn’s audience is particularly interested in research and data, with 77% of technical users preferring this type of content. As a result, document carousel posts that offer statistics and insights tend to perform exceptionally well.

How to Post a Carousel on LinkedIn

Creating a LinkedIn document carousel post is a simple process:

  1. Start a Post: Sign in to your LinkedIn account and click on “Start a post” at the top of your feed.
  2. Create Your Post: Add the main text content to your post as you would with any other post. Then, click the three dots icon and select the document icon to attach your PDF, PowerPoint, or DOC/DOCX file.
  3. Upload Your Document: Upload your document, provide a publicly viewable title, and click “Done.”
  4. Post It: Click “Post,” and your carousel document post will be published.

Bottom Line

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