How to Start a Business in 90 Days Using Social Media Part II

In part I of our look at how to start a business in 90 days using social media, we looked at creating a business plan and a financial plan as well as gathering the necessary equipment, products or materials your business needs. Now, we will focus on the next steps which include building your customer base and opening your business. This is where social media will be important as it will ensure that you reach more customers with less effort and you can showcase your business online.

Build a Customer Base

Your company may have an exclusive territory as with service providers, it may be online and you ship around the world, or it may be a local storefront. Whichever you choose, you will need to build a customer base. This means that you will have to do some marketing to let your customers know what your business has to offer. Tell them what you do or what you sell and why they need your service or products. You will want to begin marketing your business as early as possible as this will increase customer curiosity and give you time to gauge customer response. Be sure to use social media as it will help you reach more potential customers with much less effort. A good social media marketing company can help with this and they will help your business grow quickly.

Get Out in the Community

If your company is locally based, you will want to become a part of the community and speak with as many people as possible about your business. You may feel like you are bothering people at times, but remember, this is your business and your livelihood; you need to succeed. Many new business owners will go door to door in their area to introduce themselves and their business. This can also be accomplished online and in social media. Join many forums or online groups related to your niche and introduce your business that way. This will help you build customer trust and you may even get some new customers this way.

Get to Work

Finally, after all of your hard work building and promoting your small business, it is time to open your doors. Your grand opening should be just that, grand. Use social media to let your customers know that your company is open for business and you are ready to serve their needs. You will continue to market your business and grow your customer base, but what you need to focus on now is quality products and friendly service. You have customers, keep them happy and they will tell their friends and family on social media helping you increase your customer base and your profits.

As you can see, staring your own business can be done in just 90 days. Some entrepreneurs can do it in less, others may take longer, but this guide will give you a good start and you will soon become the owner of your own successful business.


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