How Important Are Customer Reviews For Your Online Marketing Campaign?

More and more consumers are using the internet to find the goods and services they need for their homes and businesses. And when they do, many of them read the customer reviews before making their final purchase. In fact, many brands owe much of their success to online reviews to the extent that they are incorporating them into their marketing campaigns.


How can customer reviews help your online marketing campaign? Experts agree that customer reviews like the positive Social Buzzing reviews that the UK’s largest digital marketing firm receives every day, can have a dramatic impact on brand recognition, sales and company growth.


Let’s take a look at more ways that customer reviews are important for your business:


Buying Decisions- when consumers see positive reviews online, they feel more confident purchasing goods or services from that company. In fact, 88% of online shoppers say that they use customer reviews every time they shop online.


On-Site Ranking Benefits- by enabling customer reviews on your site, you will, in turn, boost your organic search rankings in the search engines. This is because each review adds more unique content to your site and Google likes unique content so much that it will reward your site with better search engine placement.


Off-Site Ranking Benefits- while positive customer reviews on your own site are valuable, the same reviews on external websites can have an even larger impact on your search engine rankings. This is because Google’s local search algorithm uses data from third-party directories and review sites and the more it sees your brand, the higher Google will rank your site.


Higher Conversions- more reviews for a specific product or service can lead to a much higher conversion rate. Take Social Buzzing for example. We receive a large amount of Social Buzzing reviews online and many of those reviews mention specific services. When potential clients see that another client has had a positive experience with one of our services, they are more likely to purchase that service based on those positive Social Buzzing reviews.


Boost The Effectiveness Of Your Small Business Digital Marketing Campaign


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