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How Important Is It To Have An Optimised Website?

SEO, aka Search Engine Optimisation, is essential for any website as it improves your site’s traffic by improving the website ranking. There is always a lot going on in the backend of your website that highly contributes to its ranking in the search results that non-techs might not be familiar with. So, this article will highlight how important is it to have an optimised website and how you can check it. So, let’s have a look:


Importance Of An Optimised Website


Having an optimised site is always important as every visitor on your website has some expectations, and one of them is, your site should load fast. According to one report, 47% of internet users want a website to load within two seconds. So, if your site does not open within that time, they leave and find their solutions somewhere else. And, this is obvious that you don’t want your visitors to leave the site, no matter what purpose your website serves. An optimized website increases your sales & conversion rate and decreases bounce rate. Also, making your website well-optimised improves your SEO rank, enhancing the user experience and reducing the risk of losing your potential customers.


How To Check If Your Website Is Optimised


There are numerous external tools available that everyone may access freely to see if your site is optimised or not. Here are some of them:


  • Pingdom tools
  • Google Pages Speed Insights


How to Optimise Your Site?


One of the simplest ways to optimise your website is through images. Do you know that images make up 48% of the webpage’s weight on a typical site? And, they also make up 39% requests; therefore, analyze and make your image size down or try to remove them if they are not necessary. This is something that will make your website faster because its loading time gets reduced. Moreover, tracking scripts are also essential; however, the average load time with scripts is 9.46 seconds and 2.69 seconds without scripts.


Every script you add shows a new HTTP request, so fewer requests make your site faster. Furthermore, videos on your page also play an important role; host your videos on HubSpot if you have it. Prefer using videos rather than GIFs and also annoy auto-play videos on the phone. Here are some of the other ways to optimise your website as listed below:


  • Ensure to make your website secured
  • Reduce external scripts
  • Create safe hyperlinks
  • External scripts should be updated
  • Always enable two-factor authentication
  • Load assets over HTTP


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