Just How Important Is Customer Feedback For Your Small Business?

It can sometimes be difficult to listen to feedback from an unhappy customer, but if it will help us grow our business and improve our service, it is still important. While we would all like to hear nothing but positive feedback from our customers, it is the combination of both that teaches us the most.


Just how important is customer feedback and what can it mean for your small business? Customer feedback enables us to better understand our customers’ wants and needs and it can show us if our current marketing strategy is as effective as we think it is. Wherever you get your customer feedback, whether it is from Google, Yelp, Facebook or any of your other social media platforms, it is essential for your success and the success of your business.


Customer Feedback Can Be Word Of Mouth Advertising


One important benefit that we receive from our customer feedback is word of mouth advertising. Think about it this way for a minute, when you are shopping online, you often look at a company’s feedback to decide if you want to shop with them or not. For example, if you take a look at the Social Buzzing reviews online, you will find real reviews from real customers and you will learn about their experiences with Social Buzzing. You will then decide that they sound similar to your own business and that Social Buzzing was able to meet their needs successfully and help them grow their businesses. These Social Buzzing reviews will help you decide if you want to hire Social Buzzing for your digital marketing needs.


Let’s take a look at two more reasons why customer feedback is so important for your small business:


Customer Feedback Is Authentic And Thoughtful- feedback can be unfiltered, authentic and provide much greater insight into your brand’s perception in the market. When reading through the feedback you receive, take a step back and look at is as if you were a customer. Would you shop at your business? And, if not, why? Those are the things you need to address.


Customer Feedback Helps You Improve Customer Satisfaction- customer feedback, both positive and negative, can help you improve your level of customer service and satisfaction. You will be able to implement any changes that your business needs to meet the current and future needs of your customers.


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