What Are The Main Elements Of An Aesthetic Website?

Are you someone wondering what a professional website should look like? What factors may improve visitors’ stickiness and engagement? What elements make a business website pleasing to your targeted audiences? If so, this article will highlight some of the most critical elements that you need to consider while designing a website or assessing your existing website for maximum impact.




Website colours are one of the most powerful sub-minimal visual elements to enhance the user experience on your site. Do you know that reds are “hot” colours and command your visitors’ attention? On the other hand, greens and blues are “cool” colours that give a calming effect to a site. Always invest a good time and think carefully about the colours you choose for your website background, logo, navigation, etc. Ask your professional web designers to test different colours so you can determine the most effective one that makes the most sense to your business goals and objectives.




You might have heard that a picture tells thousands of words. At the same time, a wrong or irrelevant picture is a waste of real estate. No matter whether you use illustration, diagrams, or photographs – ensure to choose imagery that actually appeals to your audience and should also be relevant to your message.


Textual Content


A good website always needs to be enriched with relevant keyword content rather than making it look like a slick magazine print campaign. Use multiple heading and subheadings, such as H1s, H2s, etc. It organises your text and also allows easy visual scanning. Also, use anchor texts (hypertext) and boldface to communicate important published concepts. On the other hand, if your subject matter is pretty complicated, then do add a glossary and several link key terms to it. It allows you not to define and elaborate concepts repeatedly on every page of the site.




Try to keep your site user-friendly, making it easy for them to find what they look for. Give multiple ways to find the piece of information users require on your site. Provide them with side navigation categories, search function, top navigation buttons, multiple tabs, footer navigation text links, and everything else that makes it easy for a visitor to move around your website.  Always remember that a website is not a linear thing. A new visitor might land up on your homepage first and then product pages; therefore, make it fast loading and utterly seamless for the users who want to know more about you.




Always make sure that all the elements of your website are visually balanced and connected. Therefore, try to stick to the limited number of webpage treatments – fewer pages if your site is small, whereas more page treatments for the larger sites that are comprised of various types of content. Also, a chaotic and frenetic web page will have far more bounce rate. On the other hand, a webpage with clear messages, brief call to action (CTAs), and cleanly aligned visual elements will give you more conversions because such sites give a better user experience (UX).


Continuity & Consistency


Stay consistent throughout your website so that your visitors navigating from one page to another would always know where they are at the moment and how they can get the next item they are interested in. There is no doubt that continuity is one of the most critical elements in your site’s visuals and plays a significant role in conversion. When a visitor taps to navigate to the next page, that webpage must meet their expectations and should be able to deliver a consistent, continuous message so they do not face any delay time or inconvenience that might also make them leave your site immediately.


Let’s Revamp Your Website!


A business website acts as a digital store that may either attract your ideal audiences or detract them, depending on how aesthetic yet visually relevant your website is to your business. Whether you are looking to revamp your existing website or want to design it from scratch – connect with the foremost digital marketing agency in Chester, Social Buzzing, for your dream online presence. They are equipped with leading market experts who never fail to meet your expectations when it comes to website design. Also, do share this article on all your social media handles if you find it helpful enough.

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