How To Manage Social Media Marketing In 2020

Social media is always changing and new trends are arriving each year. It’s often difficult for small business owners and marketers to repeat their successes of previous years, especially if they use the same strategies. Small business owners and solo entrepreneurs are affected the most by these changes, as they are unable to keep themselves updated. Trying to keep up can be a bit frustrating and social media marketing tasks themselves can be time-consuming daily chores. Many small business marketers just throw random content on Instagram or Facebook without a real strategy or even a plan. With good management, business owners can make a real impact on the growth and profitability of their businesses using social media.


As the social media company Chester business owners trust most, Social Buzzing is the leader in social media marketing and we can help your business grow and thrive on social media. Here are some of our favourite social media marketing tips for 2020:


Social Media Marketing Tips For 2020


Create Hyper-Targeted Content- just making content broadly targeted to a group or audience is no longer enough. Social media marketers need the holy grail of “viral content” by hitting the bulls-eye and giving compelling details that people really want. People want to share hyper-targeted content, because it’s exactly what others also want to know.


Use Only Actionable And Accurate Data- hyper-targeted content can only be made with actionable and accurate data. Outdated data is no longer accurate, actionable or appealing to the audience. Accurate data is based on truth and actionable data will encourage the audience to do something that supports the growth of your business.


Interact In Real-Time With Customers- customers want instant replies and it would satisfy them, if everything can be solved or settled in just one sitting. It might be necessary to have a dedicated staff to respond to inquiries, but this can be an expensive investment for any small business. However, this will create a close and intense engagement with any prospect or existing client.


Maintain brand loyalty- declining brand loyalty will affect all of your marketing result across all of your marketing platforms, including social media. Social media is a great tool to strengthen brand loyalty and maintaining brand loyalty should be a major focus for any marketer in 2020.


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