Pinterest As A Video Marketing Platform?

Pinterest has unveiled new video capabilities for brands using the site to promote their products, gain leads and increase sales. While many business owners don’t often think of Pinterest when it comes to digital marketing, it does have many useful features that smart business owners have been taking advantage of. And with new video capabilities for brands, it might be a good idea to take a second look at Pinterest.


Hire A Digital Marketing Firm


To find out if Pinterest is right for your brand, you will need to seek a social media marketing professional who can explain the features and how they relate to your specific marketing goals. If you are considering hiring a digital marketing firm to help you understand Facebook’s latest changes, read the Social Buzzing reviews and contact us for a no-obligation consultation with a professional digital marketer today.


Pinterest Business Profiles Now Have A Video Tab


Businesses who use the Pinterest platform will now see a dedicated tab created just for video content as well as an updated video uploader and many more related features. These changes show the platform’s commitment to business users and to making Pinterest a contender in the online video marketing world.


With these all new video capabilities for brands, Pinterest has made uploading and optimising video content on the platform easier and a lot more effective. There is also a tab within the business profiles section dedicated to videos and Pinterest’s new “Lifetime View” video analytics enables you to see how well, or how poorly, a video performs over time. Business owners are also able to schedule video content in advance just as they would on Facebook, using Pinterest’s all new Pin Scheduler tool.


Why Does This Matter To You?


After Pinterest went public in April, it immediately began improving its platform for marketers. First, new e-commerce features, then new tools which make boosting organic video content easier, and now the latest round of user-friendly video capabilities for brands which are available to all English-speaking countries.


Marketers have seen great success with videos on the platform and notice that videos on Pinterest have a much longer lifespan compared to sites like Facebook and Twitter.


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To learn more about the changes Pinterest is making to the ever popular social media platform and the importance of online reviews for your business, check the Social Buzzing reviews and decide if our team is right for your business, then contact Social Buzzing today!


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