Running Your SME From Home During The Pandemic

Governments and global health authorities are still not sure just when the pandemic will be under control. Although we now have effective vaccines, distribution could take months and the pandemic could still be affecting small to medium and enterprise level businesses well into 2022 and beyond. This means looking for some innovative ways to run your business and keep it afloat. For many companies, the solution has been working from home and operating their businesses from remote offices.


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With that being said, we are going to share some tips to running your SME From Home In 2021:


Plan Workflows- workflow is important if you want to work effectively and operate your business from home. By planning your daily work, you can maintain much higher levels of productivity. Before starting the day, you need to know your work priorities. At the beginning of each week, make a workflow chart and decide what you want to achieve each workday. It takes less than an hour to create a weekly workflow chart, but you are guaranteed to become more productive and organised for the whole week.


Break Up Big Goals- a large goal can be intimidating and difficult to tackle, so it’s important to break it up. If a goal can be completed realistically in five days, decide what you need to achieve each day until you have completed the project. People often procrastinate when dealing with big goals, but by breaking them up, you can get them done more efficiently.


Dress For Work- while you might work entirely from home, it is still a good habit to dress professionally for work. This may seem like a simple habit, but you will feel more motivated and focused when working. When you need to quickly start video conferencing sessions with co-workers and clients, you won’t need to worry about how you look. If you meet business clients, co-workers, or vendors in your home, be sure to have hand sanitiser, gloves, face masks, and other PPE available for yourself and for them.


Keep Communicating- when you work from home, there will be fewer social interactions with co-workers and other industry professionals. Even then, you typically only communicate with them only for work-related matters. Don’t hesitate to have friendly conversations during work with co-workers and this can keep things fun and liven everyone’s spirits.


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