How Does SEO Help Your Business Get More Sales & Conversions?

There is always a turf war between conversion rate optimisation and search engine optimisation. However, specialists of both sides are struggling hard to make these two disciplines work together. SEO mainly focuses on making one website accessible to all the search engines out there to improve its rankings. On the other hand, CRO, aka Conversion Rate Optimisation, is an art to improve the user experience for getting more conversions for your business. So, here one discipline focuses on user experience whereas the other one on search engines.


Very few websites combine both disciplines to create a stellar website that offers you a great user experience and gets also ranked at the top of the search engines. The secret is always using numerous SEO tactics in order to improve your sales and conversion rate to make one site more reachable and searchable. But here, the question arises: How can you use SEO to boost your conversions?


So, this article will highlight some top strategies to bring your conversion rate to the next level. So, let’s have a look at them:


Dynamic Content


Dynamic content refers to the type of content that gets changed according to the visitor who comes upon your site. It is more usually based on geography. For instance, if someone reaches your website from the United Kingdom on a national holiday, then your website should display services or products that actually relate to that particular holiday or should either display some nice greetings for a holiday.


So, dynamic content helps you do SEO in a great organic way that enhances the user experience. It does not give you any spammy kind of search terms. Also, rather than displaying a list of locations in the footer of your site – it’s always effective to use dynamic content that makes your visitors feel welcome onboard in a personalized way.


Use Visual Elements & Videos to Boost Visit Duration


Do you know that the duration of each visitor who stays on your site is essential for the success of your website? The more and the longer visitors stay on your website, the better the rank your site gets on search engines. So, you must be wondering if what is the decent duration?


  • Anything more than two minutes is great.
  • Between thirty seconds to two minutes of duration is good.
  • Under 30 seconds is poor.


Moreover, SEO specialists also properly evaluate your site and do multiple A/B testing to make the required changes to boost its visitors’ duration. Therefore, it is always critical to hand over your website to professional hands who know their job well and make your website optimized to rank it on the top of the search results using organic tactics.


Improve Page Loading Time


The loading time of your website is also one of the essential elements when it comes to the search engine optimisation. Load time is greatly a contributor to your site and page abandonment. This is because when a website takes too long to load or open, users are more likely to abandon it.


Let’s Get Your Website Optimized Now!


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