How Small Businesses Should Use Social Media During Coronavirus Pandemic?

Businesses of all sizes are currently experiencing the full impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Among the many tools that business owners can use right now are social media platforms. It’s possible for a struggling small businesses to survive until the end of the outbreak using social media properly and effectively. Typically, the best way to do that is to contact a social media agency London that today’s UK small business owners depend on most when they need results.


When working with a social media company London, chances are, they will recommend that you use these tactics:


YouTube- it’s not easy for small businesses to create quality videos. But, with most people staying at home, they are watching more YouTube videos than ever. You can use Video Builder Tool to create videos for free. YouTube launched this tool recently in light of the coronavirus pandemic to help businesses and personal users with their content strategies and communication. The tool helps to animate logos, text and images.


Facebook- on Facebook, there are more than 90 million small businesses. Most have been generating revenue from the built-in advertising features of Facebook.  Automated Ads and Appointment are useful tools that help smaller brands to perform better on Facebook. Business Resource Hub can also help struggling businesses. It comes with the resilience toolkit that prevents any business disruption. The Quick Action Guide helps entrepreneurs to coordinate various response activities. There are message templates that marketers can use to quickly communicate.


Instagram- Instagram also has a feature to assist small businesses boost sales. Business owners can share fundraiser stickers, food order and gift cards in Stories. Although customers can’t visit stores directly, they can still order take-out. If customers want to complete orders, they can tap on stickers to go to the business’ official website. Stickers can be shared by customers in Stories and it is useful for customers that want to support local businesses.


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