Snapchat’s New Shopify Ads Integration Makes Small Business Advertising Easier

A recent statement from Facebook relating to Shopify Dynamic Ads has many digital marketing professionals and small business owners throughout the UK excited to give it a try. From Facebook’s statement: “With Facebook’s dynamic ads, merchants can simply set their campaign goals and the right products will be surfaced to the right customers through Facebook’s platform, while syncing with Shopify for updated pricing and product availability.”


Purchase Ads On Snapchat, Manage Them On Shopify


What exactly does this mean for small business owners and could it possibly make their advertising efforts on the social media platform easier? With the newly formed partnership between Snap Inc. and Shopify, Shopify merchants will now be able to purchase ads on Snapchat, while managing their digital marketing campaigns from their current Shopify platform.


While this might sound new, it has already been done before by Shopify and Facebook, and Shopify and Google, both with positive results. But this new deal between Shopify and Snapchat means that users on the Snapchat platform can access Shopify’s 800,000 merchants. This can provide a boost in their marketing campaigns without costing them a much more money.


Why Is This Important To You?


CNBC stated that, “It opens Snap’s door, for example, for a small business that may not have the budget for an agency or the marketing know-how to do more sophisticated campaigns. This integration will allow those kinds of companies to build and manage Snapchat Story ad campaigns directly through an app in Shopify’s self-serve buying platform.”


Additionally, Facebook’s statement went on to state, “With the creation of a branded Tile in Snapchat’s Discover section, users will be able to unlock a collection of Snaps (anywhere between 3-20 Snaps) featuring that specific merchant’s products, and merchants can track sales resulting from that Story Ad with the Snap Pixel.”


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