Social Media Automation Technology For Your Small Businesses

Social media is free to use and small businesses can potentially interact with millions of people within a specific market niche. However, manual tasks in social media can be time-consuming and labour-intensive. For small businesses with few available staff, it can be challenging to make their social media efforts more effective. To solve this problem, small business owners should use automation tools for social media marketing to produce much more favourable results.


Let’s take a look at the latest social media automation technology that your small business can use to become more effective and sustainable in the New Year.


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Social Media Automation Technology That Your Small Business Can Use


Buffer- Buffer is a useful automation platform if you are dealing with many social media handles. It is a great scheduler for small business owners who are active on Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Buffer automatically determines the best time to post content for maximum results.


Agora Pulse- you can automate post publication and promotions with Agora Pulse. It also allows you to compare the campaigns of your competitors to find possible ways for improvements. Agora Pulse currently supports Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook


Mention- Mention is a great automation service to listen to conversations on social media that are relevant to your brand. After a period of time, Mention gathers enough data to run an analysis of your competitors and monitor their brands.


Customised chatbots- AI-driven chat bots can now interact more like real humans with customers. Small businesses can look for affordable chatbot services that offer customisation to match their brand, product and service. A well-customised chatbot should reduce your workload and it will be available 24/7.


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