Timing Your Seasonal SEO Campaigns

The holidays will soon be upon us and that means more and more retail shoppers will be flooding the shops and turning to the internet to find the perfect holiday gifts for their friends, family and coworkers. As business owners, the holiday season is the busiest, and most profitable times of year and to be successful during the busy shopping season, we must be prepared.


For online business owners, being prepared for the holiday rush means starting right now to create effective seasonal marketing campaigns that will net you the results, and the increased brand awareness, you need.


Timing Seasonal SEO Campaigns


Why now? After all, it is just October and we do have quite some time before the holidays are actually here. You have to remember that SEO is not an overnight thing and it can takes months to see the results of an effective seasonal SEO campaign. Timing is one of the biggest factors to consider when creating a seasonal SEO campaign, because if you are not prepared, or you begin your campaign too late, you could miss out on the holiday shopping period altogether. If you wait until November, it could be too late.


The 45 Day Rule


In most cases, the “45 day rule” is still held in high regard throughout the SEO world. What is the 45 day rule? The concept of the 45 day rule is that “If an organization wants to participate in over 90% of the search traffic around a given holiday, content specific to a seasonal event needs to be published at least 45 days prior.”


Most digital marketers disagree on when you should begin optimising SEO for the holidays, as recommendations vary from two to six months ahead of time. If you have waited until now, contacting a professional can help make the best use of the time leading up to the holidays.


Hire A Professional Digital Marketing Team


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