Using Instagram to boost your sales, here is how

Using Instagram to Boost Your Sales, Here is How

The marketing world is evolving every second and we must pace ourselves to benefit from this technical revolution. It is the age of social media marketing and conventional marketing is no longer enough. If you are a small business owner, knowing the right Instagram marketing strategies is going to give you a head start in your journey. Our social buzzing reviews will help you to make the most out of these resources.


Why Instagram?


With around 1.3 billion users worldwide, this photo and video sharing application took the world by storm back in 2010. It is still relevant despite the tons of other applications introduced after its establishment. Instagram enables business owners to visualize their products and provide the necessary information.  Research shows that around 80% of users rely on Instagram while searching for products. It is important to create powerful marketing campaigns that will guarantee a greater audience. This will also help you to achieve more sales.


Instagram tools


Business Account: Instagram enables users to identify as a “business ” through their business account setting. This feature enables you to add additional information to your page such as websites, telephone, and email information as well as residential addresses.


Insights: This is a tool provided to business accounts that computes audience engagement. It also determines the relevant audience’s age group, gender, and geographical location. This information aids in designing a digital marketing campaign that specifically caters to your target audience.

Paid Promotions: Instagram offers paid advertisements which is a great way to increase your reach and promote your products. You can decide your budget, audience, and duration of the promotional advertisement. After successful payment, your ad will be displayed on your target users’ feed.

Professional Dashboard: This option is available for business accounts only. It provides in-depth analytics and tips from the Instagram team for maximum audience engagement.


Marketing Strategies


Product representation: To score more sales, make sure that your product is aesthetically pleasing and visually alluring to attract more people

Well-written captions: The captions should contain adequate product information and details. It should be epigrammatic to appear more interesting.

Product Tags: You can tag the website link directly to the product image. The link will take them directly to the product page. This will make the shopping quick and easy.

Giveaways, Promotional discounts, and free samples: This is an interesting strategy to attract the audience and promote your products. Nobody says no to free stuff!

Paid collaboration with influencers: This strategy aids in gaining customer trust through personal recommendations. Influencers review and recommend your product to their audiences and consequently your sales increase.


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