Using Omnichannel Marketing For Your Small Business

A popular term that digital marketers like to use is ‘Omnichannel’. In fact, it might be overused by some marketers but, nonetheless, it is still an important element in today’s successful digital marketing campaigns and one that could help you achieve the results you have been looking for.


What Is Omnichannel Marketing?


When using an omnichannel marketing strategy, a digital marketer is essentially creating a series of ‘touchpoints’ which are designed to reinforce each other and help guide a potential customer through the buying process from start to finish. From the time they first view your product, to the moment they place their order, your omnichannel marketing strategy is there.


A prime example of this would be using your Facebook page to attract the consumer, then directing them to your website for the purchase and using their email to nurture leads for your email marketing campaign. As you can see, each touchpoint is related to the other and they are all working together for more than just a sale. This provides greater consistency across your channels which can build both brand trust and brand loyalty.


While many of today’s businesses will use only a handful of the marketing channels available to them, experts say that they will have to utilise more if they are to remain competitive in the marketplace. This means using a much wider range of marketing channels including:


  • Live Chat
  • Podcasts
  • SMS
  • Smartphone Apps
  • Ephemeral Video
  • Chatbots And Virtual Assistants
  • Live Broadcasts
  • PR And Press Releases
  • Offline Ads
  • Offline Events


Who Should Use Omnichannel Marketing?


While every business can use omnichannel marketing, not every business needs to. Omnichannel marketing is more beneficial for consumer-facing businesses. Why is this? Experts agree that consumer-facing businesses have more success with omnichannel marketing because a large percentage of consumers use more than three channels when researching a purchase. This gives these businesses the ability to create a much more personalised experience with their customers.


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