25% of Small Businesses Owners Not Using Social Media

Although social media is used by millions of people every minute of every day, there is still a significant number of small businesses that are not using social media for its marketing capabilities. In fact, a recent survey of small business owners shows that 25% of small business owners are not using social media for their business and another 8% said that they don’t expect to use it at all.

For a social media management firm that sees the positive effects of social media on small business sales and growth, that is a shocking discovery and one that should be reconsidered by all small business owners and managers.

A US-based marketing expert, Joshua Dirks, CEO of Project Bionic, was quoted as saying, “Many [small business owners] read the headlines from five to six years ago about ‘likes’ not mattering and bought into that. They are missing out because of their own viewpoint on the topic, [made] from believing five- to six-year-old headlines and not recapturing the maturation of the space.”

Experts are also emphasizing the benefits of social media marketing over traditional marketing channels and saying that social media marketing is one of the few marketing channels that lets you look at and analyse the data collected. This gives social media managers the ability to increase their clients’ return on their investment and lets them work with small businesses who also have a small marketing budget.

Every social media channel has its own benefits and business owners should choose a platform that best suits their needs. With Facebook being the most popular social media platform for small businesses and Twitter coming in at second place, small business owners should consider using these two platforms as a starting point.

Almost 50% of UK small businesses use in-house staff for their social media marketing. Consulting with a professional social media management and marketing firm will ensure that you have a professional on your team that can create a social media marketing strategy that will help your business grow and engage more potential customers on a wide range of social media platforms.

If you want to grow your business and succeed using effective social media channels, contact Social Buzzing, the digital marketing agency Chester trusts, and let one of our social media marketing professionals assist you today!

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