6 Ways To Improve Your Marketing Performance On Twitter

Twitter is a fast-paced social media platform where users engage in conversations and share information. It is a great platform to start a trend and leak a ground-breaking detail about your business or a new product. Although Twitter isn’t a place for comprehensive content, it is more engaging than Facebook and Instagram if you have many interesting little details to share. It takes time and hard work for businesses to perform well in Twitter.


With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some ways to improve marketing performance on Twitter:


Attract More Followers- business owners must have a strategy to directly attract new followers on Twitter. Actions that attract new followers on Twitter should make up about 20% of your social media tasks. Businesses can use local hashtags to make their tweets more relevant and they should follow people first to encourage them to follow back.


Keep On Tweeting- consistency is crucial on Twitter. It is recommended to tweet at least three times each day. You can gain more results if you tweet between 9AM to 10AM, 12PM to 1PM and 7PM to 8PM. Sprout Social discovered that Wednesday and Friday are the best days to post important tweets.


Promote Your Twitter Profile Everywhere- Twitter profiles should be shown prominently on your company’s website, on hard copy documents, and on other social media accounts. During a webinar or other social event, make it easy for people to memorise your Twitter profile.


Use Hashtags Often- your hashtags should be about latest trends and relevant topics. Focus only on information that people are interested in and, if possible, be the first to reveal new, interesting information within hashtag feeds.


Engage Regularly- Twitter users always engage reciprocally. So, it is important to respond with retweets and replies. Dynamic interactions make Twitter such a useful platform for social media marketing.


Use A Social Media Agency- one of the best ways to improve your marketing performance on Twitter is to hire a social media agency. Choosing a Social media agency Chester business owners choose most will make marketing your business on Twitter or any other social media platform much more effective.


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