Five Marketing Automation Tools for Small Business

In a highly competitive market, changes happen in real time and really fast. Unfortunately, despite their best effort, your staff may not be responsive enough to provide 24/7 assistance. Quick and direct responses may encourage customers to buy more products from you making the need for marketing automation tools that much more apparent.

Marketing automation tools are essentially server-based software that can automate most of the marketing tasks. Automation is only effective if the system is fully aware of customer information and behaviors. Marketing automation tools are not just auto-responders; they use various intelligent functions to boost sales and improve conversions. Should your business be using marketing automation tools? Let’s take a look:

Here are five marketing automation tools that can help you convert more leads into actual buying customers:

  1. Lead scorers: Lead scoring allows you to rank contacts based on the actions they have recently taken. These automation tools help you to determine your qualified leads and they can be funneled into the proper conversion sequence.
  2. Tagging tools: Tagging is an essential task to segment your leads, enabling you to convert any leads into actual sales. Leads can be tagged based on demographics data, advertising sources and others. Automation tools may also tag leads by the type of websites they visit and links they choose. The tool allows you to create more personalized follow-up messages based on the wants and needs of customers.
  3. Message senders: Message senders may include SMS texting and instant messaging senders. Text-based message senders are reliable and faster compared to email or other methods. Most people read their SMS or instant messages relatively quickly. Texting may provide up to five times more engagement compared to regular email. Messages will be read faster and contacts will also be engaged better.
  4. Split testing: Split testing is useful if marketers want to maximize sales and profit. Often, multiple methods appear to be equally good and split testing tools will help in determining which messages work best in converting leads.
  5. Shopping cart follow-up: More than half of people abandon their filled shopping carts and don’t proceed with the payment process. This is critical, because customers are just one step away from making an actual transaction. Automation tools help in following up on abandoned shopping carts. It should be easier to convert leads into real customers and with good automation tools, it is possible to recapture a third of abandoned sales and convince people to continue with the payment process.

If your small business isn’t using any marketing automation system, then you should strongly consider about getting one. And if you want to grow your business and succeed, contact Social Buzzing, the digital marketing agency Chester trusts, and let one of our social media marketing professionals assist you today!

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