LinkedIn’s New Brand Awareness And Conversion Campaign Options

It seems that many of the social media leaders are making some big changes to their platforms this year. Even LinkedIn is improving on its venerable platform by updating their Campaign Manager feature. The new and improved Campaign Manager now offers brand awareness and conversion campaign options as well as an optimised “click-pricing” option which is similar to Pay Per Click marketing in that it charges advertisers for any clicks that take users to a landing page. Let’s take a closer look at LinkedIn’s new campaign manager options and see how they can help you grow your business.


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LinkedIn Campaign Manager Options


Of the 3 new features that LinkedIn is adding to its Campaign Manager advertising platform, one of the most interesting is the Brand Awareness campaigns which charge by impressions.


Brand Awareness Feature


The new Campaign Manager Brand Awareness feature makes it easier for advertisers to increase their “share-of-voice” on the platform. With the new brand awareness campaigns charging by impressions, this could mean greater campaign success and increased conversions.


Enhanced Website Conversion Capabilities


With the new Enhanced Website Conversion capabilities, LinkedIn is creating conversion tracking tools which enable better integration throughout the advertising campaign. That means that each campaign is optimised for specific actions such as downloads, purchases and more, on your website. This ensures more accurate campaign tracking and increased results from less effort.


Optimised Click Pricing


LinkedIn’s new optimised click pricing was designed to work laterally with the objectives of today’s advertisers. Depending on what parameter you select, only the clicks that relate to that parameter will be charged.


Why Is This Important?


So, why are all of these changes important? LinkedIn has always been advertiser friendly, but now it seems that being an advertising platform is their main focus. However, LinkedIn has stated that their goal is to create a more objective-based ad platform which could help users generate more sign-ups in less time and for less money.


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