Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

Marketing can make or break any business and marketing success depends on doing the right things at the right time. Even then, you need to have knowledge and experience to succeed. Some small business owners will try to create, run and maintain their own marketing strategies even without the knowledge and experience to do so. This can lead to a less than successful marketing campaign, or worse, one that paints your business in a negative light.


If you are creating your own marketing strategy, there are some things that you can do to increase your chances of success. By following these tips, you can ensure the highest level of efficiency and results:


Re-target the right people: About half of online shoppers abandon their cart, because they are not ready to make a purchase. Your e-commerce system should be able to identify people who have abandoned their carts based on their accounts information and send them an automatic reminder. Re-targeting every visitor won’t necessarily boost your sales, but it could turn a no-sale into a sale with very little effort.


Focus on social media: Social media is a powerful tool and small business owners shouldn’t ignore it. In reality, many small businesses don’t take social media seriously. They may have official Facebook and Twitter accounts, but they are barely updated. Small businesses can start small and focus on one social media platform at a time while choosing key success metrics to analyse. The secret is to think and act like ordinary social media users to gain trust, then inject various marketing messages when the time is right.


Revise plan: Sticking to the original plan is important, but the situation can be fluctuating enough that you need to make changes to your marketing strategies. If your marketing plan is outdated, you won’t have a clear plan of action and you might not have achievable and actionable goals.


Check out the competition: Don’t make the mistake of ignoring the competition. Small business owners should know that the competition is working as hard, if not harder, to make people buy their products. If competitors are taking your market share, it might be time to change your marketing strategy to meet theirs and begin to take some of that market share back.


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