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Users of Facebook’s News tab are seeing some slight changes and they are divided on the results. While the news tab won’t include ads, publishers are still able to monetize content and create something called Instant Article ads.


Soon, Facebook is launching Facebook News, a ‘dedicated space on the platform that will highlight top news stories from national and local publications.’ If you publish your small business articles on the News tab, you will be able to monetize your content just like the other areas of Facebook, and this includes referral traffic and Instant Article ads. However, Facebook has stated that the new tab is dedicated to news stories only, not ads from advertisers. Although, users might see an occasional ad during the initial launch and test phase.


A Facebook spokesperson stated, “At launch, this tab is very much an alpha test as we figure out what will provide the best experience for people. Part of that testing includes partnering with some publishers who are required to build tools with us.”


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Why Should You Care?


Many advertisers were looking to place their ads within Facebook News when rumours of the platform were announced. Unfortunately, they will have to settle for other areas of the social media platform as Facebook recently confirmed that it will not be distributing ads to the new section of its site.


Industry experts say otherwise. Facebook is still a business and missing out on an opportunity to make more money isn’t good business sense. Perhaps after the alpha testing, Facebook will reconsider their decision about no ads and take advantage of the additional ad revenue. Facebook News could be successful for the social media platform and if that happens, they could open it up to advertisers. If you recall, Facebook did decide to place ads in search results and began testing ads in the Groups tab just last month after stating that they wouldn’t.


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