Shoutout Pages: How to Get 473,000 Followers on Instagram?

Instagram has evolved from a niche marketing platform with less than a hundred million users per month to a popular one with more than a billion users per month.


Companies that want to expand their online visibility can’t afford to ignore Instagram’s potential as a tool in their digital marketing arsenal. As a platform, it has the potential to connect you with your target demographic at no cost, making it an excellent choice for up-and-coming businesses looking to get their names out there. One of the most successful methods for achieving this objective is via the use of Instagram shoutouts.


What is an Instagram Shoutout?


If someone mentions you or your company on Instagram and encourages their followers to check out your page, they have given you a shoutout. The most common method is to share a screenshot of your Instagram page on their own account while tagging your business.


They may use one of your items or an image from your Instagram account as a promotional piece and credit your company. To see an example of Manan’s photography, which was featured on a shoutout website and for which he was credited, go here.


You may easily request a shoutout from related accounts in return for a shoutout from your own account. Co-marketing is a win-win strategy for increasing exposure for many entities.


How to Find Relevant Shoutout Pages?


Make sure you only consider pages that are related to your topic while searching for shoutout targets. That’s because they already have a dedicated following that shares your interests and might be interested in what you have to offer.


A mention from an irrelevant page won’t help your brand. A cosmetics brand, for instance, may gain from endorsements from fashion bloggers and style influencers. A shoutout from a well-known travel blogger might expose your business to a large number of people, but they may not be very interested in what you have to offer. Here are some ways to find those pages:


Search Using Industry-Specific Hashtags


Each industry has its own hashtags. For instance, if you are looking for a shoutout from an interior design designer, you need to search for that particular hashtag on Instagram.

Search for Influencers in Your Niche Using Influencer Tools


Influencer tools are a great resource for finding pages that are relevant to certain niches. They help you find influencers who can expose your business to their followers.


Bottom Line


There is no doubt that shoutouts on Instagram are one of the most effective ways to increase your online visibility. When you get a shoutout from an influential Instagram page, you could get as many as 1,000 new followers in one day. Other than that, if you are looking for more constructive approach and want a social media agency in Chester or SEO agency in Chester to do this for you, visit Social Buzzing.

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