Take Searcher Intent Into Consideration For Effective Content

There are many factors that go into the content we create and share online. Whether that content is for your website’s blog, or you post it on your social media pages, the most important factor to take into consideration is intent. What your customer means when they type keywords into the search engine might be completely different than the keywords themselves. You have to remember that not everybody is an SEO expert and not every customer knows how to use keywords to their advantage.


In fact, experts agree that, as marketers and business owners, we should always be focused on what our customers are looking for and why we’re creating the content that we are in the first place. This is what will lead us to the quality content we are looking for.


Effective Content Should Focus On Providing Real Value


Effective content doesn’t focus on keyword stuffing, filling paragraphs with links or any other outdated practices. Instead, it should focus on providing real value to customers who are looking for information about your products or your services. And with almost 50% of today’s shoppers reviewing 3 to 5 pieces of web content before making a purchase, it makes sense to give them exactly the content they need.


How To Create Valuable Content


The best way to create valuable content based on searcher intent, you should do what professional content writers do and start at the end. Ask, “What do I want the reader to learn after they read this?” Just that question alone can improve your editorial calendar and make you a much more proficient writer.


Choose intent over SEO and you will begin to notice that your content will be focused more on your audience than Google. This will also provide better results when it comes to your profit margin.


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