What is S-Commerce and Is It Effective?

S-Commerce is something that we have been seeing a lot of lately as it began to grow in 2014 and continues its march forward revolutionising the way we shop online. To define s-commerce would be to say simply, that it is the act of selling goods or services on social networks. Definitely an idea whose time has come, but just how effective is s-commerce and can it benefit every business?


S-commerce has been around longer than 2014, but it was last year that people really started to take notice of it and developers began taking it to the next, more sophisticated level. This can be seen with the introduction of Twitter’s Product Cards and a variety of marketing campaigns on Pinterest, including Nordstrom’s multi-channel campaign which created a consistent and engaging customer experience across email, social and offline channels.


Many of the top social media networks are developing platforms for more effective network driven sales which is a bonus for many of today’s e-commerce brands. There has been increased efforts to simplify the social network-driven buying process for online shoppers and we are seeing both Twitter and Facebook pushing forward with the testing of various “Buy” CTA buttons.


Enabling your customers to purchase products directly through your social media pages can be a double edged sword though. Sure, social media is seeing incredible growth and more users signing up and liking business pages every day, but does that mean anybody can be successful selling products this way? The short answer is yes, if you do it properly. Remember, social media is all about being social. If you build strong relationships with your customers and entice them to purchase your products through your Facebook or Twitter pages, you have a very good chance at being a successful s-commerce player. Ignoring the basic rules of social media and online marketing will net you cold customers, less followers and dismal sales totals.


Give the customer what they want and offer it through social media; it’s an idea that we have been waiting for and now that it is here, as business owners, we should be taking advantage of this opportunity today.


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