Looking for a job or filling a vacancy in the hospitality industry isn’t easy. Applicants usually find it hard to search for employers that offer the position and salary they want; if they’d like to work abroad, searching for the right job overseas becomes ten times harder. Employers, on the other hand, often have difficulty in searching for the ideal staff. Aside from having to pay hefty recruitment agency fees, they might also have to deal with the lack of talented personnel in their area.


Fortunately, Yokeconnect is here to help. We are an international subscription-based website that removes the middle man and focuses on self-recruitment in the hospitality industry. Since we offer our services around the globe, we can help hardworking workers who live in areas with no career opportunities as well as business owners and managers who are based in a place with a shortage of qualified staff. Using modern technology, we will connect these two groups of people together and help make the hospitality industry a better place for both employers and employees.


Our managing director, Ricardo Pita, has been in the hospitality industry for years and has seen both sides of the coin. Starting his chef training at 14 years old, he spent years working in various hotels, restaurants, and catering companies in different countries. Through his work, he experienced the hardships of going to a foreign country, dealing with a new language and culture, and not even knowing how he could find work. Later on, he became an agency chef/consultant, and it was during this time when he realized that there are many business owners and managers who need talented staff but can’t afford to pay the sky-high fees that recruitment agencies charge.


This realization sparked the birth of Yokeconnect. Since we are a subscription-based site, employers only have to pay a yearly subscription fee to use our services. Once they’ve subscribed, they have access to all the talent on our website, and they can browse through resumes and start conversations with potential applications. They can also hire an unlimited number of employees to fill as many vacant positions as they like, ensuring they can keep their hotel or restaurant well-staffed without having to pay hefty agency fees.


Yokeconnect also helps employees who are looking for a job in the hospitality sector. Through our specially designed tools and apps, they can find their desired positions either within their vicinity or in another country and search for both full-time and part-time work! This means we can help a wide range of people, from students who’d like to supplement their allowance with part-time waiter jobs to fully trained chefs who are ready to work abroad.


However, Yokeconnect is still in being worked on, and we need funds to continue its development. Specifically, we require funds to market and advertise the site and ensure we’ll reach our target audience (i.e. hospitality employers and employees). We also need finances to set up a basic office.


So, if you believe in our cause and in what we can do, please support us! We have just set up a Kickstarter campaign, and you can visit it to show your support. Pledging $25 will give you a free one-year employee’s subscription to Yokeconnect as soon as it’s ready, while pledging $500 will give you a free employer’s access to our services. You can also use our Kickstarter page to ask questions about what we do.


Support Yokeconnect now and help make the hospitality sector a better place!



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