What To Do When Your Business Gets A Negative Online Review And What You Can Learn From Social Buzzing Trust Pilot Reviews

Regardless of your efforts to offer the best possible products and services, you will eventually get a negative review online. Unhappy customers are more eager to write reviews than satisfied ones. If your business gets too many negative reviews, this can pose a serious problem. Dozens of potential customers may be discouraged to purchase your products or services if they read too many bad things about your business. But negative reviews can be a good thing, only if you see them as a way to track how your business performs.


With that in mind, we are going to take a look at what you can do when your business gets a negative review online:


Respond Quickly- customers will view your business more favourably if you swiftly respond to all negative reviews in an appropriate manner. Third party review websites may send notifications to your smartphone about reviews that need your urgent attention and response.


Be Relevant- when people have issues and concerns about your business, they expect relevant replies, instead of something generic. Also ask the customer to contact you further through email and voice call to address the problem.


Apologise Sincerely- when you apologise sincerely, you take responsibility for something that must be addressed. If a problem is beyond your control, you need to honestly explain the situation and customers could respond favourably.


Take It Offline- it would be bad if you engage in an online debate with a frustrated customer. Instead, apologise sincerely, promise that you will address the problem, and ask the customer to contact you. This allows you to do things more on your own terms.


Turn It Into Positive Testimonial- if the customer has accepted the solution or settlement, encourage him/her to write their experience and latest opinions about your business. It can become a favourable situation if people see your sincere willingness and ability to resolve issues.


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