Five Ways Facebook Chatbots Improve Social Media Marketing

Chatbots can work inside the Facebook Messenger service and help businesses perform better in Facebook. There are many third-party chatbots that you can use within the Facebook Messenger app. Tidio is designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It can generate leads, provide customer support, and even sell to Facebook users. Another alternative is Chatfuel, which is used by multiple well-known companies, including TechCrunch and Netflix. Chatfuel has an editor feature that can help marketers customise their bots.


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Here are some ways that chatbots can boost your social marketing performance on Facebook:


Analyse Leads- chatbots for businesses include the ability to analyse leads and identify potential buyers. Based on certain metrics and indicators, the system will decide which leads that have the higher probability to buy products or use services. As chatbots interact more with a lead, their analysis will be more accurate.


Reuse Old Content- on social media, new content is posted regularly, while old content is forgotten. Chatbots can repurpose old content if it’s relevant to certain potential buyers. Chatbots may recommend posts created a few years ago if they still have high degree of relevance.


Excellent Personalisation- while businesses seek to sell, brands need to connect. Chatbots can personalise their interactions based on personal information of each user. It is important for users to feel that they are engaging with the brand. In many cases, chatbots work better in personalising conversations by integrating details relevant to each user.


24/7 Availability- hiring a team of customer service staff to provide 24/7 interactions is very capital intensive. Each staff could work only for eight hours a day and costs may escalate if more people contact the customer service department. AI-based chatbots are tireless and they continue to perform with similar levels of efficiency and speed.


Encourage Decision And Action- after engaging with a potential buyer, the chatbot might encourage the decision to buy. However, there could be small issues to address first. Chatbots can provide adequate answers so potential buyers will no longer hesitate to start buying.


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